Musical Theatre Composer

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Here are some musicals I have written.

“Amirican Dream” is currently in development. The rest have been produced. “F**ked Up Fairy Tales” and “Chaturbate: The Musical” premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Blackbird debuted at Saddleback College. A Christmas Carol also debuted at Saddleback College and ran for two seasons.

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Amirican Dream

Book and Lyrics by Ken Offricht

Music by David Jayden Anthony

F**ked Up Fairy Tales

Book and Lyrics by Grace Jasmine

Music by David Jayden Anthony

Chaturbate: The Musical

Book by Dan Margules

Lyric by Chris Edgar

Music by David Jayden Anthony

Blackbird: Florence Mills

Lyric by Jonelle Allen

Music by David Jayden Anthony

Book by Jonelle Allen and Stevi Meredith

Commercial Music

Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country

Currently a student at Berklee School of Music studying Songwriting and Music Production.

Below are some songs and samples of various pop, rock and jazz commercial music tunes.